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Hello and Welcome to the Marsupial Press Website.

We are situated in South Australia and our core business is to do with Self Publishing.

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Irene Cuffe is a retired, trained nurse. Her working life apart from nursing, varied between retail management, freelance writing and completing two courses on Creative Writing at T.A.F.E. College. Adelaide., South Australia.

In her spare time, she joined the Media Resource Centre in Adelaide and became involved with video production and editing, which led to making two documentaries.

She also attended a twelve week course on sixteen-millimetre filmmaking, scripting, filming, editing and producing a practice film, (which she hopes is deeply buried in the archives.) This experience led to instigating a Media Resource Centre within the School of Nursing in the Royal Adelaide Hospital where she remained for six years before retiring.

Irene has always been involved in the protection of children, animals, and victims of domestic violence. She converted her home into a safety house, used her experience in Martial Arts to teach both male and female teenagers and battered women how to defend themselves in violent situations.

She worked closely with a Doctor / Psychologist / Hypnotherapist to treat all manner of domestic abuse. Working in a violent and dangerous environment, Irene’s involvement in protecting the less violent residents often led to confrontations with drug dealers and violent, mentally unstable men and women. She had a guard dog which was a strong deterrent and her ten shot, semi-automatic Ruger Rifle became her very best friend and always remained within easy reach.

Now in her eighties, Irene lives by the beach in a quiet, peaceful area where NORMAL people live and has retired, intending to spend the rest of her days writing and publishing.

Her only hobby is running a “soup kitchen” for abandoned animals. The new Mums show their offspring where the food is kept and when the kittens make themselves at home, the young Mum’s go off clubbing, leaving Irene Kittin’ Sittin’ .