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Title: Don't Wake the Sleeping Tiger            Reader's Reviews

ISBN: 978-0-9941924-0-0 Printed Paperback Book 6"x 9" 255 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9941924-1-7  eBook (coming soon )


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Two teenagers running from the law join forces and stowaway on a cargo ship bound for Port Adelaide, South Australia.

Andy McLean, a domestic violence survivor, had accidentally killed his father in a fight to protect his mother from the drunken bully. Andy had no intention of going to jail for killing the sadistic pig. He wished he had done it years ago.

Tommy Nelson, a street kid and destined for a hard life, hides from the authorities who want to put him in an Orphanage for his own safety.

The two meet and form a special bond, both scared and acting like Hard Men, but stronger together. They stow away on a cargo ship heading for Australia, hoping for a better life.

In the course of their journey, a fierce storm threatens to wash both boys overboard, they witness a knife fight involving a poker game and the ship is attacked by Somalian Pirates, intent on killing the crew and confiscating the ship.

By the boys' courage and ingenuity, they are instrumental in saving them all.

Read what happens to the boys in Australia where they have to fight more battles to survive.


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Readers' Reviews

Don’t Wake the Sleeping Tiger: Book 1 of a stand-alone series of survival adventures, mainly for young adults, but could be included in the general category

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Four early reviews of the printed book:


By Lorraine McLoughlin – Celebrated South Australian Art Author.

I read your “Sleeping Tiger” with great pleasure and say hearty congratulations. I was there in such a variety of situations, which you created in such a realistic manner. What a skill you have in involving the reader and bringing events to life. You took me to places I have never been. Congratulations and sincere thanks.


                                                                             *  *  *

By Anne Ashwell – Masters degree from Adelaide University.


This is one of these rare books that will become treasured by new and seasoned readers. If only for the idiosyncratic description of how, when driving on a remote and isolated Coober Pedy track, to seal a hole in a car’s leaking radiator with an Emu egg. A lesson learned by two young stowaways whose self-reliance has lead them to board ship in England and only reveal themselves when they help the crew dispose of marauding pirates. After which the grateful captain agrees to transport the pair, Andy McLean and Tommy Nelson, to South Australia’s Port Adelaide.

Both boys are seeking freedom and sanctuary from their own personal nightmares, Andy while shielding his mother from his father’s violence may one day be held responsible for the man’s death. Once Andy finds a job and suitable housing, Andy’s mother and sister are intending to join him. However, in their case, only after they’ve completed the necessary paperwork and been accepted as legal migrants. While Tommy, having become an underage orphan, is about to be placed in an orphanage until suitable foster parents can be found. Through no fault of their own each boy is facing forms of retribution neither deserves.

Any readers who value the South Australian lifestyle, whether in Adelaide where the family of Andy McLean and best mate Tommy Nelson finally settle, or those driving through clouds of outback red dust will surely enjoy this book published by South Australia’s Marsupial Press.


                                                                               *  *  *


By Pandora Jankunas – Art degree University of Adelaide.


I have recently read your book and would like to express my opinion on this wonderful feel-good story.

It follows the life of character Andy McLean. A young man growing up in working-class Scotland who endures among other hardships, an extremely violent domestic situation. His instincts to protecting both his family and self, consequently lead to the necessity of escaping Scotland, hence his immigration to Australia.

This book takes true-life situations, places and life as it really occurred in Australia during the 1950’s using facts intertwined with realistic fictional characters, taking the reader into a culture as it existed.

Impressing the reader are particularly Andy’s boxing scenes, which become real and visualised within the mind.

Andy represents the average man struggling to level situations in his life. As we all have the basic desires for stability, work, recreational fun and love. His adventures and the people he encounters flows along steadily and smoothly throughout, is easy to read and leaves the observer content that finally the average working class man has justice and a good karma course through his life.

                                                                               *  *  *

By Ms. Audrey Sargent – England -  Carer for disabled people.


Amazon U.K.- Four Star review.

Comment – ‘More from this author please!’


                                                                                *  *  *

General comments from Adelaide Readers:


Several people loved it 

b) Most enjoyed it 

c) Some – Interesting

d) One woman found it too violent.

e) Most asked when was the next book due and wanted to buy it straight away.

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